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Launch your dreams for galactic conquest faster and easier with an EVE Online Starter Pack, a complete set of beginner gear to kick start your chosen career among the stars. Each Starter Pack includes a fully-equipped starship including all the necessary weapons, modules and skillbooks to put you in the pilot’s seat faster and get

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Launch your dreams for galactic conquest faster and easier with an EVE Online Starter Pack, a complete set of beginner gear to kick start your chosen career among the stars. Each Starter Pack includes a fully-equipped starship including all the necessary weapons, modules and skillbooks to put you in the pilot’s seat faster and get you into the action the minute you log in. Additionally, the Starter Pack gives you 30 days of game time and the Prototype Cerebral Accelerator (skill booster) , allowing you to make the most of your first days in the opportunity-filled universe of EVE Online.

NOTE: The Starter Pack includes an activation code (“CD Key”) that can only be used to create new accounts or upgrade trial accounts; this game time cannot be applied to existing subscriptions. Using the Starter Pack to upgrade trial accounts created with the EVE Online Buddy Program makes the inviting player ineligible for a reward.
To receive the in-game items included in the Starter Pack, create your character and click the “Redeem items!” button at the bottom of the character selection menu.

Caldari Explorer Starter Pack includes:

  • The fast and reliable Heron frigate
  • A scanner probe launcher and analyzer modules to help you find riches among the stars
  • Complete basic frigate equipment and weaponry set to kit out your ship
  • Archaeology, Hacking and a dozen other critical skillbooks
  • Prototype Cerebral Accelerator (skill booster)
  • 30 days of game time

Welcome to EVE Online: Odyssey

EVE Online: Odyssey brings exploration and the adventure of the voyage to the forefront, with new mysteries to unlock and exciting new ways for you to discover them. A graphical scanning system, enhanced navigation and new exploration modules will aid you as you search the heavens for your next conquest. Some will encounter sites never discovered before, and others will be confronted with intriguing tests of skill and resolve. Ample rewards await those that seek out and challenge the unknown. Begin your epic space odyssey today!

  • A New Age of Discovery
    The insatiable desire to venture forth into the unknown and reveal the hidden secrets of the universe is inescapable. Odyssey feeds your hunger for discovery with beautiful new visuals, customizable controls and new functionality to entice even the most experienced veterans to explore.
  • Exploration Site Challenges
    No corner of space is now safe from your scrutiny. You will discover ancient relics and remnants of long forgotten civilizations previously concealed from the prying eyes and covetous hands of capsuleers. Their untold riches are almost within your grasp, but you will need to earn the right to usurp these treasures.
  • Launch of the Navy Battlecruisers
    Forged by the lessons learned from countless combat pilots, the four factions have created a new line of Navy battlecruisers, as awe-inspiring as they are deadly.
  • A New “Spacescape”
    A rebalance of major areas of space from High Sec to Null Sec include changes in exploration sites, industrial resources, several types of NPC loot and more. Ready your haulers, mobilize those exhumers, as lucrative new opportunities are about to present themselves.
  • Security Tags
    Low security status holding you back? Want to lose the heat? Buy your way into good graces with CONCORD by trading in security tags obtained from pirate faction kills for a boost in security status. The authorities care not whether you earned them on the battlefield or purchased them on the open market.
  • An Immersive Graphical Experience
    New travel effects, UI enhancements and visual improvements continue the tradition of keeping EVE Online a beautiful, immersive experience.

What is EVE Online?

Explore. Build. Conquer. EVE Online immerses you in a sci-fi experience where your every action can have rippling effects across a massive online universe. Team with and compete against over 400,000 players in epic starship battles or wage economic warfare on the galactic player-controlled market.

Key Features

  • Multiple PVP systems – Enlist in Factional Warfare as a loyalist of one of the four races of EVE, dodge the law as a deep space pirate or take arms in the large-scale conflict of alliance warfare where battles can consist of over a thousand pilots clashing for supremacy among the stars. EVE online lets you choose the type of PVP that fits your playstyle.
  • Massive Player-Drive Economy – Everything bought and sold on the EVE Online market is manufactured and traded by players. Buy and sell orders, contracts, courier agreements and many other tools of trade are available to let players carve their industrial empire. Rise to the top as a savvy entrepreneur or a member of one of the many existing mega-corporations in EVE.
  • Explorations, Mining, Missions – EVE Online offers a diverse range of progression paths. Players can advance as merchants, industrialists, politicians, spies or any number of other careers without limitation. Hundreds of trainable skills and open gameplay allow you to define the role you want to play in the virtual universe.
  • Liberating character advancement – Never “grind” for a skill again. Passive skill gain system allows your skills to increase even while you’re offline.
  • Single-shard universe – Join hundreds of thousands of players in the same persistent universe, where your fame or infamy is not confined to just a subset of the playerbase.
  • Free expansions – You will never be charged for an EVE expansion – as the EVE universe grows, so do the benefits of your subscription.
  • Play for FREE – Established players can eventually pay for their game time with in-game money they earn while playing.


Todd says:

Played for 8 years I have played this game for 7.5 years (late 2005 was my first character). I love watching this game constantly grow from the incredibly broken and ridiculously hard game that is was to the more well balanced, but still really hard game it is today. I have taken multiple breaks from this game and always find myself coming back to it in the end. This is definitely not a game for the weak or for those who aren’t committed gamers. Your actions have consequences and those consequences can REALLY…

Peter J. Mcclanahan "Dark Warrior" says:

Eve Online: A fantastic ride that never ends. It’s true. Eve is a fantastic adventure that is only written by those brave enough and clever enough to endure and overcome the harsh reality that makes it so wonderful.Think of it as a hobby, made in a 3d CG movie, with no script, utilizing the most ugly and most beautiful parts of the human condition, in space that spans an entire galaxy (literally), all being detailed in a never ending novel written by more than 50,000 players at any one time all on the same server in real time. It’s…

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